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Legends Chronicles -
The Source for News for Your Favorite Fantasy Comic Online!

This page is dedicated to archiving news entries from the Legends homepage. For the latest breaking news for your favorite fantasy comic online, go to the main page! The news flashes are posted from the newest to the oldest. The Legends creator, J.T. Blevins, is one strange dude, so beware of what you might find...

Welcome to Legends - An Epic Fantasy Online Comic!

     Welcome to, the home of Legends, a fantasy adventure comic available online! Legends is more than a just a comic book, though. In its pages, you will find action, romance, humor, bigger-than-life monsters, evil kings, deception, and much more in a new fantasy epic myth that anyone can enjoy! The tale of Little Wolf and his adventures is in some ways a coming of age story about the hardships of growing up and taking on new responsibilities. His entire life his fantasy was to become a swordsman in a powerful army. Now, he is suddenly thrown into an inescapable position to become Fandar's greatest swordsman and stop the evil Goralon king, Thagnon, from taking the world for his own. His plan is to turn all of the land's inhabitants into Goralons, which are mindless, rock-skinned creatures who forget their past and live only for the glory of their master.

     Little Wolf's mother and sister end up missing after a raid on their village. This becomes his driving force throughout his long and perilous journey. He finds early on that he carries the power of the Ancients, or Realmwalkers, whose powers were the main force in driving evil out of Fandar long ago. After a short display of his abilities, Little Wolf has to find a way to cope with his destiny, and to somehow harness this energy. Drachian, the village elder, decides to go along with Little Wolf and his party, and doesn't take no for an answer. He is a powerful magic user. In his old age, he is very wise, but his short fuse sometimes gets the best of him. Joroh becomes Little Wolf's closest friend. His defining trait is his his sense of humor, which is a contrast to Little Wolf's personality, which sometimes tends to be a little more serious and straightforward. Deandra, the princess of Valtuska, meets Little Wolf and Joroh as she is trying to run away from the responsibilities of being a member of the royal family. She finds she is not used to having to deal with the everyday responsibilities of everyone else outside the kingdom, and her hot temper doesn't tend to make her troubles any easier. The party's main objective becomes to seek out the four elementals: earth, wind, fire, and water, to penetrate Thagnon's lair and gain an advantage in his defeat.

     Thagnon's lead general is the evil Teoh, a ruthless, power-hungry man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He is assisted by two of the most incapable warriors in Thagnon's kingdom of Gothmar, Ben and Gawotinolius. Thagnon's right-hand man, or goblin, is Volgo, who is somewhat socially retarded, but a fairly bright creature. His job is to decode the stolen Tome of the Ancients, which Thagnon believes will guide him to domination over the world of Fandar!

     New users, start by reading the comic online. Click on the "Comics" button on the main menu to go to the downloadable Comics section. Also, don't forget to add a bookmark so you won't miss out on the newest stories!

Buy Singed Tentacle Comic Ebooks, the New Age of Comics

    11/29/2005 - I love comics. I love webcomics. I love comic books. I love ebooks. This being said, Singed Tentacle Comics is now offering Comic Ebooks for both of its titles, Legends and 3 Witches!

    Currently, "Legends" is the flagship title, presented at the new 3 Witches online store, which also includes 3 Witches comic samples, as well. You'll thank me for not having to read them in your web browser any more.

    No, really. Comic Ebooks offer high-resolution imaging, as compared to viewing comics on websites, which have limited space and bandwidth.

    If comics are going to explore an electronic format, they should move beyond web browsers, to programs which will the reader can get into the story, just like in print comics.

    Also, webcomics aren't collectible. They offer collectible merchandise, but they aren't collectible themselves, unless you want to go through all of the trouble of saving each and every one of a website's images to disk. Then you would have a collection of random images on your hard drive. How much fun is that?

    Comic Ebooks offer all of the pages in one file. Readers are able to organize their favorite comics, and not have to keep up with hundreds of pages of files.

    They are also available to readers offline. You can save comic ebooks to disk, and read them without having to be online.

    Considering all of the benefits of comic ebooks, Singed Tentacle is proud to bring you the latest in comic viewing pleasure! Be sure to check them out at the Singed Tentacle Comics Comic Ebook store now!


Jobhunt Complete

    10/16/2005 - After only a few days of looking, I have finally found a new job, which is quite an improvement over my last one! I am now working at a pharmaceutical company that makes antibiotics, etc. I never knew how bad customer service jobs sucked until I got this new job. I don't have to get yelled at every 10 minutes, and my coworkers are friendly. What's up with that? I'm only a temp right now, but I have applied for a permanent position, and I believe I typed one heck of a cover letter, so I'm confident I will get it!

    Also,  another piece of big news is that I have been doing some freelance work in the last couple of weeks, and looking for a new colorist for For more on that, check out the website. But what this is leading up to is the fact that I have landed a deal to design space ships and background images for a game company! I will be working on this maybe for the next 6 months, along with 3 Witches, and everything else. Aaaaah. Life is good. Let's just hope it stays that way.   : |

On a Jobhunt

    09/23/2005 - I know I haven't posted an update lately, but as you know, the new 3witches website is now up and running, and I have been very busy with that, and other things. One other thing would be my day job. I had been employed by a hereby unnamed credit card company (just try to stay out of the City to Bank) for over 6 years, when I found out today that I no longer had a job. The reasons I was discharged are very complicated, but they tried to simplify it greatly, like any large corporation would. In the end, I gave them an hour and a half explanation why I was right and they were wrong, but I never had a chance, because they had "the man" on their side. I feel tons better though, now that I have been able to get everything off my chest that had been bothering me for a couple of years.

    I loved my job before my old department was phased out, but I was put under the supervision of some people who thought that since I was a quiet person, they could treat me any way they wanted. I have been holding back a lot of stuff for a very long time, and it really felt good to "stick it to the man" today. I mean, corporations think that since they have thousands and thousands of employees, they hold all of the cards, and they don't have to play by the rules. And, if you're not favored in the eyes of "the man," then they all try to get you out of their little miniature government as quick as they can.

    Anyway, I won't rant about this because what's done is done, and no matter what, I will always have the satisfaction knowing that I stood my ground, and whether management at [hereby unnamed company] wants to admit it or not, I had a perfectly valid case, and I proved every point. I printed out an outline of things that backed up my case, which I used in my defense. I asked for proof of what I supposedly did several times, and they still could not produce any kind of evidence whatsoever, yet they claimed to have it right there in their hands. I was being fired to be made an example of, I am sure of it, because they could only state procedures, etc, etc, when my stats had been spectacular for many months. They tried to say I did things on purpose, somehow "inflating" my stats, when they had admitted that small amounts of deviation when I was on the phone would even out throughout a month's time, and wouldn't really matter.

    All I know is that this puts me, my wife, and my daughter in a bind, so if you can spare any amount of money, please find it within yourself to use the donation button to the right of this web page to make a small donation. Or, you could choose to not donate, and then you would only be giving in to the power of "the man." ;)

    Please keep us in your prayers. If you have any comments you would like to share, please send an email to:, or post a comment on my tagboard above.

On a Witchunt

    09/06/2005 - I have taken a couple of weeks off (sort of) so that I would have time to recover after having my wisdom teeth taken out. Of course, I put it to good use and used that time to design the webpage for, which is the website for my new comic, 3 Witches! If you just clicked the link above, you're probably wondering why there is nothing there. It's because I have also spent the last few weeks trying to set up my Comic Genesis account. I have registered, and activated everything, but I have never been able to log in. I have tried everything to get it reset, but the admin's for Comic Genesis have been checking it out, and we still haven't been able to get my account operational.

    Regardless, I'm still trying to get everything set up and fixed. And, when it's all set up, it'll definitely all be worth it!

Here I Am, Rock You Like a Hurricane!

    I haven't updated in a while, so I figured I would go ahead and do so. Not only have I been painting a lot lately, but I have also been working on a new comic book. I will always be working on Legends, and it will always be unfinished. But, I feel like to grow as an artist, I need to expand and create something new. However, I am in no way giving up on doing this comic. I have already invested too much to just give it up before I end the "Secret of the Ancients" and "Generation's Dawning" story arcs. Repeat, stay tuned! There will be more comix!

    Next on the list of topics is Bounce Magazine. I haven't heard from Adrian, the editor, in a couple of months, and the website has been down, so I have no idea if he continues to pursue Bounce or not. The first two issues have already been released, with at least four more hopefully to be released. I have completed 4 of 6 parts of "Legends: Generation's Dawning" for Bounce Magazine so far. I will keep checking on the website's status, so hopefully we'll find out about the upcoming issues soon.

    Also, I am glad to hear that Buzzcomix is back up! Buzzcomix is one of the finer webcomix lists, which allows you to customize, vote, and review comics and your favorites list. Definitely check it out! (Oh, and vote for me here!)

Latest Project Now Complete

    After over a month of work on and off (about 20 hours of work, actually), my latest mural is now complete!

Plenty of Stuff To Do

    Now that I have the Jeep stuff out of my system, I can focus on other stuff. I'm trying to keep up with my family life and work and everything else along with the webpage, so I haven't had a whole lot of time to post stuff or draw, or anything.

    I'm also taking on a new task by starting up my own business doing murals and paintings for people. So far, I'm having a blast, it just takes up a lot of my free time. It pays really good, though. I don't make a dime off of my comics, but they're in my blood, so I don't plan on stopping doing comics any time soon.

    For those who have posted responses on my Livejournal, thanks! I'm always glad to read your responses!

    Anyway, gotta go paint and draw and I'll post something soon, I promise!

Is There a Mechanic In the House?

    I have been moving again, not to my surprise. As much as I hate to do it, I had to move for the 3rd time in the last eight months. Sheesh! These old bones need a break. Especially now that I've turned twenty...something. I need to relax and draw some completely ravenous fight scenes or something.

    To everyone that posted a response to my last journal entry, thanks a bunch! This has been a great thread! If you've missed it, check out the link in my last post below!

    Trying to get some stuff done on the website and on my latest comic, but I'm trying to balance family life with work and moving the last week or so. I had a vacation, but  I got screwed BIG TIME from a local Jeep dealer service department. I hate dealers, don't ever take your car to one unless you plan on debating on whether or not your car was fixed or whether there was anything wrong with it in the first place. Or whether or not you are lying about having removed an oil plug the day before they claimed to have not been able to remove it and had to replace the entire oil pan and charge you over $500 for it. And then not tell you that this is why they did all that work until after the fact. I know these arguments sound a little strange on my part to even think such things about a reputable dealership. But hey, to the dealer, these are very valid points. I even queried, "How could your mechanics not have gotten the oil plug out with all of their tools if I just had it out and replaced it by hand yesterday?"

    To which they so humbly replied, "Well, sir. It was because even though it says on the invoice that we couldn't get the oil plug OUT, it was actually that we couldn't get a new oil plug back IN." Being the reasonable man I am, I advised them that I was thinking about purchasing a new jeep, but I will go elsewhere when the time comes.

    Well, the next day, what do you know? Oil is leaking from the bottom of my Jeep again. Silly me, I thought I took my vehicle to be repaired for the same problem, oh, two days ago! Well, the dealership was so very sorry. They said they fixed what was wrong before, so this must be a completely different problem. The $500 oil pan they just replaced has a 12 year warranty on it. Heck, if I bring it back in and it turns out to be the oil pan, I might get a new one at no extra charge. And if it's leaking from a different place than their trusty mechanics surmised in the first place, then I'll even get to throw in some extra cash and they might even fix THIS problem. If not, well hey, who knows, I guess I could pay to have the windshield replaced. It could be the only logical place for an oil leak. Why would anyone take the time out to CHECK and see what's wrong when you can GUESS?

    Their service technicians are so reliable that I can leave the service department with a sparkle in my smile, and a skip to my step, because by golly gosh darn, my vehicle is in the hands of the most reliable service technicians money can pay for.

Where Did All the Superheroes Go?

Legends: The Lost Episode

  • 5/12/2005 - While I work on the last two parts of the Bounce Magazine story, "Generation's Dawning," I have decided to post pages from an issue of "Legends: Secret of the Ancients" that I never finished. I had started to go in a more "cartoony" direction, which I really liked, but it just didn't fit with the preceding storylines, so I did what I like to do quite often: I started over.

         I did the preliminary pencils for all of the pages up until about page 12, so the story stops in the middle. But, I decided to post them anyway just for the fun of it.

A Day in the Life of Me

Not on Hiatus

  • 4/14/2005 - I'm not just lousing around, I'm just looking to buy my first house. Part 4 of "Generation's Dawning" is almost done. I've already planned out part 5, and I'm currently also planning out part 6. When I actually get time to work on my comics, I can get quite a bit done, but time is my main problem. Perhaps I should look in Fandar for a house. That way, I can be absorbed in my work all the time and I won't have to worry about the real world. But then, I guess I'd have to worry about freaky tyrants and alien races trying to impose global domination all the time, so...maybe for now, I'll stick to power hungry supervisors trying to impose shorter breaks and less absences.

Little Wolf vs. the Worminator

  • 4/5/2005 - Posted a b&w version of this month's free donation wallpaper, "Young Little Wolf."

Secret of the Ancients To Be Continued...

  • 3/30/2005 - I've posted all of the "Secret of the Ancients" storyline to date, so I'll be working diligently on the Bounce Magazine series for a little while. I have the art done for a few pages of part 4 of SoA, so I might go back and letter them every once in a while when I have a chance so I'll have something to post here.

    I'm saving up in my Paypal account so that I can publish all of the SoA storyline in a graphic novel. Feel free when you win the lottery to use the donate button to the left <---- to deposit exactly 62% of your winnings into my Paypal account. If this is too much, I will settle for 61%. I'm not that greedy.

    Seriously, though. If you can spare some change, please donate so I can raise the funds to publish my own book. Even just the cost of a single comic book would help out a lot. If you use the button above ^ ^ ^ to donate, you will get an exclusive full color "Young Little Wolf" wallpaper just for donating!

    If you haven't been keeping up with the Bounce Magazine mini-series, now is the time to catch up. The Realmwalkers from long ago get taken off guard when they're attacked out of nowhere by Fandar's most devious villains. They find a starpool hidden in the walls of the Magna-Fortress. Altimus, Little Wolf's father braves the portal, in search of some answers as to why everything is coming down all at once. They suspect a traitor has led the enemies to them, because the Magna-Fortress is hidden from the naked eye by an ancient enchantment. Soon, the traitor will be revealed, as well as the evil force that is behind the assault. For more information, pick up the latest issue of Bounce Magazine, or visit:

No Problemo

  • 3/02/2005 - Had some server problems just recently, but now everything seems to be up and running okay.

    I went back and added most of the pages from past storylines, so for now the comics will update daily. I'm still working on "Generation's Dawning," so there won't be many updates for "Secret of the Ancients" for a few months after the current storyline. After I finish GD, I'll get back to my regular schedule.

Banners Galore, Cartoons Galore, and Cutting Off Heads Galore!!!

  • 2/24/05 - Here's your friendly neighborhood Filthius-Man! We've just recently changed over to Keenspace for our server, so no more server costs! Yay! ...What're you staring at? Keenspace requires some advertising, but hey, who's complaining?

    Check out the Downloads section if you haven't yet, and ye may learn a little about swordfighting from the swordfighting expert, Little Wolf!

    Also, don't forget to stop by the Banner section so you can find yourself in awe of the latest banner! Add one to your site today and we will be very pleased, and we won't chop off your head. Have a nice day! :)

"Generation's Dawning" Part 3 Complete, and Other Useful Tidbits

  • 2/9/05 - Filthius here! Time to praise the saints, cuz the lowly artist that works here has finally completed the third installment for "Generation's Dawning." It has been slow in the making, because of the lousy help we have around here.

    Anyway, it's hard to believe, but it's been five (5) years since Legends began (and we still don't have a lot to show for it!!) I'm still posting pages pretty regularly from past storylines, and building up the archives. So whatever you do, you have to keep checking back for new pages, because they're added at least weekly.

    And in other major, mind-blowing news, Bounce #2 is now available, so ya better get your copy now, or miss out on the newest heart-pounding installment of Legends: Generation's Dawning!! You can get it at Go there now! (or at least once you have fully absorbed every piece of information from these pages!)

    Once again, it's time for revamping! To ensure your safety from the pain and suffering I might inflict, you may want to move your delicate little hand just enough to click on the Downloads Page link. I have added Legends movies to the list of juicy downloads available. Oh, don't you just love me now?!

    I'm sure you've noticed the link at the bottom of the pages. It is important that you support this web page by clicking there and adding Legends to your favorites @ The more people that add us to their favorites, the higher our listing, the more traffic we get! AAhhhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa! Or, maybe a little less dramatic, but you get the picture. Click there now, punk!!

LegendsFantasy 2.5 Coming Your Way!

  • 1/21/05 - As you can see, slave of Filthius, Fandar's most wretched, fearsome executioner - the website now has a semi-new look, with better navigation for the comics, and a menu that's a little less better match your brain.

    Before you are beheaded, go to the downloads section and get the new Time Soldier wallpaper. Supplies aren't limited, so what's stopping you?

    And brace yourself, because a huge pack o' digital energy is now watin' to melt yer eyes into their sockets, because "Generation's Dawning" and "Secret of the Ancients" are up and running, so don't miss out- feast yer corneas on 'em now!

Bounce #2 on the Way

  • 11/27/2004 - Bounce Magazine #2 has gone to the printers, so that means my next deadline must be coming up. I have found myself getting more involved in the "Generation's Dawning" storyline than I think I have ever been with anything else. Overall, it's only going to be about 40 pages, but it's been very tedious lining up the details to fit that exact amount. I have finished part of the third part, and I've done the rough pencils for part 4. I've also plotted out parts 5 and 6, which will be the last 2 parts.

    I'm planning to get a table at a book signing or comic book convention soon. I had a signing planned, but I'm not sure if that will pan out or not. But, I have other options that I'm looking into. Also, I plan to take a weekend and rent a table at a comic convention when I find out when one will be taking place in my area. If anyone knows of a good convention that accepts independent artists in the southeast US, contact me and let me know where I can find some contact information.

Own Clay Aiken for just $10,000!

  • 11/12/2004 - A donations area has been added to the main page, so please contribute to the delinquency of the internet by making a small donation. I'll even draw ye a perty picture! It might be of Clay Aiken in speedos, but hey. You get what you pay for. Pay me $10,000 and I'll paint a mural in your house. Honest! I don't think anyone wants a full-sized Clay Aiken in their house, though.

Window Pains

  • 10/28/2004 - After staring at the ugly alternating dark and light blue windows for far too long, I decided to redo the look of the website a little. Now you don't have to be color blind to be able to read the news entries.

    I am starting to post artwork on a more regular basis. Later, I will archive the pages in the comics area, and they will be available for download individually. When the new software is finished, you will be able to archive and view the pages in a comic book file until the file is finished.


  • Several different variations of the new banner have been posted. Please feel free support Legends and post one on your website. Click the Link to Us link to check them out! Also, feel free to make a small donation with the Bitpass and Paypal links at the bottom of the page. Proceeds will go towards funding the comic viewer software that is in the works and website costs.

All the Small Things

  • 10/14/2004 - I'm almost finished moving, so now I might get a little more time to work on the site and the comic. I updated the look of the site a little. The most obvious changes are the blue backgrounds for the main parts of the pages, and the new vote buttons. There were also a couple of small things that I've been meaning to fix for a long time.

    SOON, SOON, I tell you! There'll be a new setup with the way you view legends comics. Once I roll out the new format, you will be able to download current pages for free. LegendSoft's new software will allow you to combine and append the pages into a comic book file. I've seen screenshots of the comic book builder program, and they look very, very nifty!!


  • 10/06/2004 - I've had a chance to catch up on a little bit of writing and drawing lately, but things are a bit hectic right now, being in the middle of moving and everything. I've already worked out part 4 of "Generation's Dawning", and I have to say for a 32 page story, this little tale may be the best writing I have done to date (not that that's saying much, lol!) If you missed the first ish of Bounce Magazine, most of it has to do with the Realmwalkers, or Ancients, coming under siege by a slew of monsters they have battled in the past. Each segment will change quite dramatically. Part two deals with the team trying to figure out who the likely suspects are that led the monsters to the Magna-Fortress, and they investigate. Part three takes so much of a turn that if I were to say anything at all about it...let's just say you would know too much...and then I would have to kill you. And guess what Part four will entail? You guessed it, a whole bunch more stuff that I'm not going to tell you about. Maybe after it's published, I'll slip you some tiny clues.

    Anyway, you may have noticed the cheesy little new movie I have posted. It's really just supposed to be a promo (not porno) movie for "Generation's Dawning," which is appearing in the first 5 issues of Bounce Magazine, if you didn't already know. I have a lot of fun making these, because you get to direct it and animate it, and insert sound, etc... It does take a while to do, but it's worth it! Also, a comics viewer program is in the works from Legendsoft (my brother's programming company. I had no influence on the name whatsoever. Trust me on this one.) Upon completion, you will be able to either download comics off the website, or get them on CD. Ecomics are still young, but we're working on it. I still plan to do print comics in the future when I raise enough money, but that can be a pretty daunting task in itself. One last thing, I have to give a shout out to the creators of 9thelsewhere for placing the Legends banner in their rotation this week :) Legends is a very miniscule comic in relation to 9thelsewhere, so thanks for your generosity!

On the Road to Victory


  • 9/15/2004 - Well, now. I am finally finished with my pages for issue 2 of Bounce, and with good timing, too, considering they were due "mid-September." Now to start part 3 and stop sleeping all the friggin' time. Oh, that's right. I don't sleep much, and I still don't have enough time to draw anymore.

    Legends comics are now available for only 25! Just go to the comics page and use your Bitpass account to download them now!!

    I am waiting for Eternal Darkness to arrive. I ordered it last week, so I will probably revert to hermetry for the next few weeks once I receive it. So, don't expect to hear from me, as I will have a full grown beard and grey hair, and I'll stink to the high heavens from not moving from in front of the TV.

    I saw an infomercial the other day for the new Time-Life series "Legends." Coincidence?! I think not. So what if it's a collection of rock 'n roll favorites including Boston, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Steppenwolf, Kiss, and tons of other old school rock bands. They're just trying to steal my limelight, what little I have. Oh, well. They must have liked my comic's name so much that they would use it as a tribute to me. That's the only logical explanation. I mean, really. Wouldn't you?

  • 9/07/2004 - I finally received my copies of Bounce Magazine #1, and I have to say they look really awesome. The layout of the book is really professional. The stories skip between artists without any notice, but that's only a minor detail. The art styles really range greatly from humor strips about fuzzy little animals to dark manga-horror. I was really impressed with most of the stories and strips that were in the mag. I went back and re-read a couple of the stories. For me, this is also a learning experience. The Legends pages looked somewhat different translated from the computer screen to the printed page. Not anything really noticeable, but there are things I could have done differently to improve. Now, I'm trying to beat the mid-September deadline for issue 2.

Bounce This Anthology Into Your Collection!

  • 08/17/04 - Right when you thought things couldn't get any better, and Jessica Simpson couldn't say anything stupid enough to make you feel any better about yourself...The Bounce Comics Anthology is printed! Copies are now available only online at the Bounce Comics web page. It features 24 entries from comics and webcomics authors from all over the world. Legends will appear in the first 5 issues of Bounce Magazine, so go to the website now and pick yourself up a copy!

The Stickers Have Landed

  • As you've probably already noticed by the links at the top of the page, the new Legends stickers are finally here. Go to the Legends Store to order!!

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